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District Upgrades Internet Filter with IBoss

posted Aug 12, 2014, 7:47 AM by Nick Hopper
Our district has recently ordered an IBoss filtering system. This will be a much needed upgrade for students and teachers regarding our internet usage. 

Student safety on the web is a top priority of the Technology Department here at North Tippah. Because of the dynamic nature of the web and recent changes in web traffic encryption over the paste three years, our current system has security loopholes that can leave students unprotected on certain types of sites. It has also become easier for students to bypass the dated/freeware systems we have in place. The new IBoss system will eliminate many of the security loopholes. It will also allow student usage reports to be ran an analyzed by the technology department.

Another benefit of the IBoss system is that it will give teachers greater flexibility in the way the use the web. Teachers will have more access to content that would have previously been blocked because of our inability to segregate student and teacher populations. For example, YouTube has been blocked because of our inability to remove objectionable comments and ads. IBoss gives us this capability so we will be able to open YouTube for teacher use. This means teachers will have access to more rich web content to supplement their instructional curricula.

The system has been ordered and is scheduled for installation during the first week of September.